It has been too long since I put my keyboard into blogging mode. Definitely a busy few months – both professionally and personally – but there is too much happening in the space to stay quiet any longer – not to mention that CES is less than 12 weeks away!  Watch this space for some thoughts on both The Connected Home and The Traveling Home in the weeks ahead.

Speaking of travel, I hope to have a chance to connect in San Francisco (CEA Industry Forum), Las Vegas (TelcoTV), or Los Angeles (Streaming Media West) this month. I will be visiting those events and  sharing my perspective on how the Connected CE industry is quickly rolling out, both for retail consumer end-users and for multitudes of traditional and non-traditional service providers.

For some of us, the convergence that we have been talking about for over a decade finally seems to be on the verge of reality, as devices interconnect, speeds ramp up, services flow, and boundaries blur.

And not a moment too soon, if you ask me.


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