2012 NCTA Cable Show gearing up for some interesting sessions and potential surprises

I am looking forward to seeing some of the anticipated announcements coming out of Boston as thousands of cable executives descend upon Beantown this week.  My own calendar is very full with private meetings, but I hope to see the panel on Wednesday with Time Warner Cable and Netflix (should be some sparks).

I am speaking Monday at Imagine Park in a session focused on helping MSOs innovate faster. Hope to see you there: http://2012.thecableshow.com/schedule/Session/1035.


No FB stock? Better start a blog.

Well, since Facebook IPO’d today (and I did not partake), I thought I would celebrate by finally launching my own blog.  I have been reading these things for 19 years now (since before they were actually called blogs), and it seems like the time is finally right to begin to share.

ConnectedCE.com is intended to be a place that will help educate the business and technical world about the impact of  billions (yes, billions) of Connected Consumer Electronics (CE) devices that are making their way into homes around the planet.

I bet you have 10 or more of them already (15+  if you have teenagers).